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June 12, 2011 News

As you might have noticed, the web team at Tavistock AFC (Dave Hallett and Chris Fenner, to be precise) have been beavering away on a brand new web site for fans of the Lambs.

As is evident from a number of pages herein, we are far from finished and the site will continue to evolve for months to come.  Needless to say, we welcome any comments or suggestions from our visitors and will do what we can to make these pages work for you, our fans, sponsors, players and curious passers by.

All the best,

Dave and Chris.

TAFC Web Team


  1. Hey guys, nice Site and I wish you all the very best with it and hopefully a successful season. As a QPR fan i am really rapt that Neil Warnock has decided to visit your club again. I have asked for as many QPR fans to attend. not that i am any form of spookeman for the fans or the club. I just like to support those whom are in the real leagues and real world.

    Does your club sell anything like supporters Scarves, beanies etc? I have looked but cant see anything.

  2. Hello there Andy. What a lovely thing for you to say, thank you! We are well-chuffed to be able to welcome your boys back to Langsford Park this pre-season. Really hope to see a good number of your friendly fans at the game.

    As for merchandise, we do have a few bits and bobs from previous seasons, but have to get on with getting more made up, for sure. I’ll get some pictures taken and have them on the site in due course. I believe we have some scarves, neck ties(!) and button badges. Not sure if we have any beanies left, but I will check. Watch this space…

    By the way, great web site too – loving the Wembley photos from the 60’s. I’m guessing that makes you QPR’s most distant fanbase!

  3. I should apologise for my poor spelling in my first post. Typing with a laptop on my chest at some god forsaken hours doesn’t improve things. I am quite serious about buying some of the gear mentioned above. Supporting a real team in a real league would be nice – other than of course my beloved Hoops – 36 years there. But thank you for the hospitality shown towards our fans. I really hope some supporters make the effort. I know of a few planning to make the trip. It’s all about the game and fostering friendships. I have your site book marked and will continue to follow your results. Now to find a Message voard for your club. 😉

  4. Nice to have you on board, Andy. Certainly one of our most ‘far-flung supporters’! The tickets requests are starting to come in thick and fast so we’re getting very excited here at ‘TAFC HQ’! I know we are getting some merchandise made up and I will be sure to add it to the web site once we have sorted costs for production and delivery. 🙂

  5. Dave Clarke says:

    Good news that your web-site is back. Very nice too. Looking forward to attending the Q.P.R. game.

  6. I think that should be the way to go. Dave and I have to get our heads together and get that sorted. Won’t be too long, promise!

  7. Thanks for the support Dave. As Chris said there’s still loads to do regarding the website, but we’ll get there in the end !

    Up the lambs !

  8. And we’re looking forward to welcoming you Dave! If you want grandstand tickets, my advice is to reserve them quick, or, if you are in Tavistock, pick them up from our local stockists. Still plenty of pitchside tickets though!

  9. Anyone one care to comment on how the players/management are viewing this game? Ok a pre-season work out but any sort of buzz going through the club apart from the fans??

  10. Hi Andy
    I play for the first team and have helped to design this site along with Chris.

    As a player I am quite looking forward to the game. Last year even though we got ‘spanked’ it was still good to play against players of The Championship standard.

    Last season was bit of a difficult one for us as half the team left so I guess you could say it was bit of a re-building season for us. So far though, to my knowledge, no one has left the club for the up coming season, so hopefully we can give a better game (keep it under double figures lol)

    I think the lads are looking forward to seeing players like Adel Taarabt in action (hopefully you keep him, as i have just read PSG have bid £10m). Also there have been a few other rumors about new signings which makes it even more exciting 🙂

    With regards to the other players, manager etc, ill get them to express their thoughts on here when I see them next at pre season next week.

  11. Hi Andy,

    Dave is being modest. In fact, he is widely considered to be one of the stars of our first team and the design of this web site is totally down to him – I just throw content at it!

  12. Well you guys are in for a fun preseason. I hope Neil can and does field our strngest side. It’s not the score that counts but getting the moves right. theen you have Plymouth – another club sadly shafted by the money men. I have a lot of time for them, some of the best and friendliest fans around the professional game.

    Good luck Dave, give a good account of yourself. Respect is what you will get. Hopefully our guys will mean the business but no one will be busting a gut trying to win at all costs. I personally just want to see the ruthem of the team in place. Not sure about our signings or lack of. Fans are pretty peeved that so called Billionaire owners are trying to do everthying for free or very cheap.

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