No Conceding Free Kicks Then !

Just having a quick look through a QPR forum, and found this.

Lads, think it’s only safe to foul in their half if this lad’s playing !!


  1. Thanks for that, hadn’t seen it but heard about it. WOW, sign that kid up! Oh we already have allegedly. we’re really splashing the cash, Warnock has been given a generous 1.25 Million to spend on transfers, yet our own just spent 1 million on getting the Blackeyed peas to play at his daughters wedding. 1.25 Mill would have set you guys uo for several seasons. If I win a decent lotto, I will remember your club! Your friendliness means a lot to me.

  2. Andy, as ever, very kind words posted by you this evening (morning/afternoon in your neck of the woods). I’m sure NW would like more money to spend, but he strikes me as a man who can do a lot with a little. I hope so anyway – want to see you stick around in the Prem! I have just been thinking about how long 1.25mil would last us for TOTAL expenditure – somewhere between 20 and 50 years I should imagine…so if you do win the lotto! 😀

  3. Our Lotto is worth about 7 Million pounds at the mo. Fingers crossed ;).

    Any updates on supporters gear available? And that newspaper article. Love to get my hands on that too! Enjoy tonights game everyone!

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