Leeds United to play Tavistock AFC on July 23

In time honoured fashion, Neil Warnock has once again agreed to bring his team to Langsford Park for their pre-season opener.

It is with great pride that the Lambs will get to pit their skills against Championship contenders Leeds United on July 23, 7pm at Langsford Park, Tavistock.

Some of you have already reserved tickets and those will be held for you in Tavistock and made available for payment and pickup on matchday as promised (indeed, some of those who have reserved tickets are sending cheques and SAE envelopes in advance and I will send the tickets to them once they are printed).

However, due to demand and limited resources, further advance ticket sales will be handled by Leeds on their website (details below) and that up to the first 50% of tickets will be made available to their Club members and season ticket holders for one week, from 10.30am on Wednesday, 6th June.

From 10.30 on Thursday, 14th June, the general public can purchase tickets directly from the Leeds website, or from selected retail outlets in Tavistock and, via our match sponsor, Turners of Roborough.  More details on those outlets will follow – please keep an eye on the wesbsite and on the posters which will be  displayed across the town.

It is our intention to pre-sell as many tickets as possible to reduce queues on match day, either for those who are picking up reserved tickets or those who intend to pay for tickets on the gate.

All at Tavistock AFC look forward to greeting Leeds’ travelling army of supporters and wish you all the very best on your trips down to the Westcountry.



  1. John Commander says:

    Just like to say looking forward to see Tavistock Vs Leeds
    im a leeds fan all my life hope the match is a sell out and brings money into Tavistock fc. and the match is a good one and a learning curb.

  2. Thanks for that John C – should be a great way to kick-start our season and a nice trip for Leeds fans. Ticket reservation will be available on the web site very soon (or you can chance your arm and pick up on the day!).

  3. should be good fun. How big is the ground at Tavistock? Probably won’t be as many Leeds fans as the 3,000 that went to Scotland, but a lot of us like the pre season matches, so may be a big crowd.

  4. Matt & Sharon says:

    Hi, Both Sharon and myself are now booked in for the preseason tours, looking forward to arriving at Tavistock on the 23rd. Great that we are getting a chance to see that part of the world. As a Leeds fan, couldn’t disagree more with Dave above, there will be as many if not more turning up. There is an air of optimism that could be greater dependant on signings. Looking forward to it.

  5. Thanks Dave – I really do hope that we can get a massive turnout. I believe we could accommodate in the region of 2000 fans, although I suspect we might be seeing more than that on the day, so best get in early to grab a good vantage point!

  6. Wow, if we are looking at more than 3000, we would be chuffed, although it could get a bit tight! Whatever the turnout, we’re very pleased to welcome you and Sharon to the Club and hope that you get a chance to make the most of the area!

  7. lancaster whites says:

    the lancaster whites are looking forward to visiting the west country.
    all booked up for a weeks tour.
    i think tavistock will be bursting at the seams.

  8. Andy Stone says:

    Any chance I can sponsor the match ball …been Leeds fan since 1968 and have also worked in red and Black Cklub…now landlord of the Walkhampton Inn…would be an honour for me….please>>>??

  9. Heh Paddy – tickets are now available… the link is on this post! Please get in quick if you want grandstand tickets!

  10. i’ve just reserved my ticket for the leeds game been a fan since 1969 and live in cornwall so i don’t get to see them live. and tavy are a good side managed by one of my friends Ian who used to manage gunnislake.

  11. Excellent – you are on the spreadsheet! Thanks a lot for that Jamie – any friend of Ian is a friend of Tavistock AFC! 🙂

  12. Just wondered if you can recommend what the best tickets are bud? Me and my Brother are coming down for the week and would obviously like to see rather than looking through the crowds etc but enjoy being pitchside watching our local team.

    Thank you.

  13. The stand is not the highest, but you will get a full view. The cowshed is not quite as comfortable as the stand as is situated further from the smarter amenities. Pitchside will be fine if you get in an hour early and stake your claim. We do expect a big gate, so get in quick if you are not going for a seat! Cheers Luke! By the way, the tickets will be available via Leeds’s website in due course – just sending them the details!

  14. Jason Fletcher says:

    Any updates on the application sit as I completed but unsure if it sent! I did e- mail my details but haven’t heard a reply mate on the above address
    Jason Fletcher

  15. Hi, Same question as above really. Can you confirm you’ve recieved my request for 6 tickets please? It would put my mind at rest between now and July 23rd.

    Many Thanks


  16. Hi Simon. You are sorted for six tickets that can be be picked up on the day. From Friday, tickets will be reserved via the Leeds website. If you want, you can send me a cheque for £60 with your contact details and a stamp-addressed envelope to Tavistock AFC, c/o Chris Fenner, 51 Bannawell Street, Tavistock, Devon, PL19 0DP and I will post the tickets to you once printed. Many thanks, Chris.

  17. Hi,

    I tried to do this by the link above, but there didn’t seem to be a send button(?!)

    Anyway, can I reserve 2 tickets Pitchside please?

  18. Hi Marc,

    Please can you email, with your phone number and details on whether or not you need any concessionary tickets. I can then pass you payment details, should you wish to receive the tickets in advance of match day. Many thanks,


  19. Nick Banwell says:

    Are tickets still available? My son and I travel across the country watching Leeds and also follow our local team Buckland Athletic. we came down to tavvy last month for the Throgmorton final. This would be the closest match we have had since Plymouth three years ago so would be gutted if we can’t come. The reservations site is down at the moment.

  20. Mark Macdonald says:

    Can I get a couple of tickets in the stand for myself and my 9 year old son (in the stand so that we can be pretty sure he can see!). There’s no link available above but hopefully I can ‘reserve’ them this way, I can then send a cheque by return.
    Really want to be there…. going to be a great occasion!

  21. Hi Mark – please see your email. Thanks for the request and we’re all looking forward to it!
    Kind regards, Chris.

  22. Jonathan Ford says:

    Can i cancel my reservation for 4 tickets for the leeds game under my name,


    Jonathan Ford

  23. Andy Cotton says:

    Chris, is it possible to reserve 2 of the 4 tickets that Jonathan Ford has cancelled? I live in Cremyll, Cornwall and can pop into Tavistock anytime after Thursday this week to pay/collect tickets. My brother and I are lifelong (50+ years) Leeds fans and would love the chance to see them play in the West Country, as well as boost the Tavistock FC coffers.


  24. Hi Andy,

    I have held those tickets back for you. We have not yet printed them, so you can post a cheque if you like, or hang on until they are printed and come to collect. Should you wish to post a cheque, please make it payable to Tavistock AFC (£20) and send with a SAE to:

    Chris Fenner
    51 Bannawell Street
    PL19 0DP

    Great that you are coming along and getting a chance to see Leeds play locally after so many years of following them. It will be a bumper day for Tavistock AFC too, so thanks for being part of it!

    All the best,


  25. Andy Cotton says:

    Many thanks Chris, when are the tickets being printed? I don’t mind popping up for them as my wife has to go shopping in Tavistock this or next week anyway. Thanks again and we look forward to the bumper day.

    PS where are the tickets for, the stand, shed or general standing>>


  26. A pleasure Andy. Probably within a week or so. The company I work for are printing them, so whenever I can get a slot in the schedule! Next week is looking more likely, but please do not hold me to it. The tickets you have are general standing. You can upgrade if you wish, but it comes at a premium. Please email with any more queries!

    All the best,

  27. Andy Cotton says:

    Hi Chris,

    Next week or so is fine with me. What is the premium for the main stand?


  28. Andy Cotton says:

    Hi chris,

    In that case, is there any chance in upping the two tickets to two in the Main Stand?


  29. Jason Fletcher says:

    Posted sae etc for tickets a few weeks ago. Any idea when I will be receiving my tickets as got Bodmin tickets already

  30. Hi Jason. Not even printed them yet. Aiming to get tickets out by the end of next week. Many thanks for the cheque and rest assured I have an envelope on my desk with your name on it awaiting two tickets to be dispatched! Sorry I have not been quite as quick off the mark as Bodmin!
    All the best, Chris.

  31. Pete Boardman says:

    Applied for 2 tickets and cheque has been banked,any news on when you are posting them ?pete

  32. Mark Macdonald says:

    Hi Chris
    Sent you an email asking if I could get another ticket for the stand, is there any chance?
    Many thanks

  33. just a fan says:

    Can people pick tickets up on the night, just in case they may have to work or something pops up.

  34. They can indeed. Although it is ticket only and we do not plan to sell tickets after 6pm, so would advise that you come during the day to pick them up!

  35. Simon Nand-Lal says:

    Hi Chris

    Used to live in Tavy and play footy with puddy meads and rob pethick. Anyway my folks still live down there and i’d like to bring my family down there to watch the Leeds game. As my son’s only 6 years old, I was wondering whether there are 3 tickets left for the grandstand? My father could collect later in the week.

    Thanks for the help mate,

  36. richard parrish says:

    hi , looking for 6 tickets mate , live in launceston but have no idea where to get tickets from i.e outlets in tavvy , can you help
    many thanks

  37. Cant wait Just hope the weather is going to be nice as camping the whole week will be nice to watch a Leeds game nearer to home from me

  38. Hi Kevin, I should say about 1500 so far. Quite possibly more, and we expect many more to come in this final week! Fingers crossed!

  39. Hi John, if you can get the ground before 5pm on Monday, tickets can be purchased from the Red & Black Club. It is likely too late to rely on post, so please let me know what sort of tickets you need and I can get them reserved for pick up. Many thanks, Chris Fenner. 07737 872733

  40. ANITA WHITE says:

    Hi could you tell me who the Leeds squad is who is in Cornwall. Think it said the senior squad or are they reserves/youngsters? Cheers

  41. jamie james says:

    chris just come back from watching the match said hello to ian. score line didn’t really reflect the match tavi played really well and the leeds season ticket holders i was with were impressed with the first half performance by tavi. thanks for the tickets had a great time

  42. lancaster whites says:

    chris thanks for a great day your club is a credit to the people that keep it going.
    we had a great day and was lovely to watch leeds in a relaxed atmosphere, instead of a police camera in your face.
    thankyou so much tavistock fc

  43. Hello there lancaster whites – have to say that we are absolutely chuffed with how things went yesterday. Sadly, I didn’t get to watch the game (running from pillar to post and even having to buy a car full of beer when we ran dry in the Club), but the turn out was tremendous and the Leeds fans behaved impeccably when at our little ground. Thank you for coming and, if we can convince Mr Warnock to bring Leeds back next pre-season, we hope to do it all again! 🙂

  44. Glad you had a great time JJ. We did too! The result will not upset the players or management too much. I know that Ian is pleased with how the new squad conducted themselves and the first 35 minutes shows what the lads can do. All in all, a great day for the Club – hope to see you back at Langsford Park soon!

  45. Senior squad against Tavistock, Bodmin and Torquay. Any additional games I cannot comment on! Hope you enjoy that match(es)! 🙂

  46. Thanks chris. We all really enjoyed the match and we hope that Leeds come again next preseason. I did miss out on getting a programme and wondered if more would be printed. I was after 2 if possible? Cheers

  47. Thanks for the note Thom. Great to see that so many people enjoyed their visit and you are not the only one who hopes we will see them back again next term!

    More programmes will be printed. Demand has been very high, and I am trying to gauge that before committing to another big run. However, should have this sorted by the end of next week (once we have printed the Argyle programme and tickets!) and I will be more than happy to send a couple to you! Watch this space.

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