Fire Crew from Tavistock Fire Station

A community working together Tavistock Fire Station come to our aid as we prepare for pre-season fixtures at Langsford Park

July 13, 2018 News

Just a few months ago, we were having to call games off left, right and centre thanks to the many, many downpours. Yet, here we are now, in the middle of a heatwave! Whilst the warm weather is largely welcomed by many, it is not being too kind on our pitch, which has desperately needed some water.

Therefore, we were extremely grateful last night when the crew from Tavistock Fire Station came down to Langsford Park to give it a much needed watering, helping us to ensure our pitch is prepared and safe for our forthcoming pre-season fixtures, including Plymouth Argyle Football Club and Cardiff City Football Club.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Dave Valentine and his crew from Tavistock Fire Station.

Fire Crew from Tavistock Fire StationFire Engine watering groundFire engine watering pitchFire engine watering pitch