Tavistock AFC welcomes Dash of Silver to Langsford Park Testicular cancer charity become sponsors of the Lambs

November 29, 2021 News

IT was with great pleasure that Tavistock AFC welcomed Dan Silver to Langsford Park on Saturday to witness our 3-0 win against Street in the Toolstation Western League Premier Division.

Dan is the founder of the testicular cancer awareness group ‘Dash of Silver’ who recently purchased a ground board at Langsford Park to raise awareness of the incredible work they do with cancer sufferers.

“Dash of Silver is a testicular cancer charity based in Plymouth and we support males that are affected by testicular cancer,” Dan said on his visit to Langsford Park.

“We support them with gift packs for their journey and we also offer emotional support. The charity was set up by myself due to my own personal battle with cancer.”

Speaking of the charity itself, Dan said: “I never thought I would have a charity named after myself, but it’s nice really that something positive has come out of a bad experience.

“We have a growing reputation and we are charity partners with Plymouth Argyle as well, so our awareness is beginning to spread.

“We are growing in Cornwall and the next thing will be to grow throughout Devon really and then we can expand and expand again.”

Testicular cancer is most common amongst men between the ages of 15 and 40, but the survival rate for testicular cancer is high. More than 95 per-cent of men survive the disease for one year or more after they are diagnosed; 95 out of 100 men will survive their cancer five years or more after diagnosis and around 90 out of 100 men surviving for ten years or more after their diagnosis. The important thing is to regularly check for any abnormalities.

“Self-examination is key,” Dan said. “It is essential that you do check-ups – I would recommend you do it daily, personally because you cannot check too much. And if you do feel any discomfort, then go and see a doctor. Don’t let it go and get worse. Any lump – it is not always cancer, but it could be and we are here to help.”

Dan’s board, situated at the Crowndale end of Langsford Park is in situ for the season and we are delighted to welcome him and Dash and Silver as one of our sponsors for the season.

“We have tried to support as many local sports teams as possible and I think it is important in a physical environment, which footballers are, that they do know about self-examination,” Dan added.

“If they get a kick or a knee, or a thigh or groin strain – any of those sort of injuries – it’s important they check.”

There continues to be a stigma surrounding men going to the doctors, but Dan is keen to reach out to anyone that may have concerns, which is another reason why Dash of Silver are there to help.

“Of course,” he said. “My number is on 24 hours a day or you can email me, I’ll pick it up. And if not the team will pass it to me and say: ‘Dan, answer it…’

“We are always approachable and any concerns, we will help and we can help you and put you in touch with the right people to speak to.”

For further details on Dash of Silver, please visit